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Happy Easter to You and Your Family!

As Easter dawns and the world awakens with the vibrant colours of spring, we extend our heartfelt wishes to you and your cherished ones. Embrace the enchantment of this season, where flowers bloom with a renewed vigour, painting the landscape with their resplendent hues.

At Green Art Design, we find inspiration in the delicate petals and fragrant blooms that adorn nature's canvas. Just as each flower holds its unique beauty, so too do the moments shared with loved ones during Easter's festivities.

May your Easter be filled with the joyous laughter of children hunting for eggs, the warmth of family gatherings, and the tranquility found in the midst of a blossoming garden. Let this be a time of renewal, as we bid farewell to winter's chill and welcome the promise of brighter days ahead.

From all of us at Green Art Design, we extend our warmest wishes for a truly delightful Easter, overflowing with the splendour of springtime and the abundance of nature's blessings.



EASTER Voucher.jpg

Discover Easter Delights with Our Exclusive Voucher!

As Easter approaches, why not add a splash of seasonal magic to your outdoor space? We're excited to introduce our special Easter Discount Voucher, perfect for sprucing up your garden or surprising a loved one with a beautifully landscaped retreat. 

With this voucher, you'll unlock exclusive savings on our expert garden design services, whether you're envisioning a lively planting zone bursting with colorful blooms or dreaming up a complete garden transformation. Our team at Green Art Design, is ready to turn your garden dreams into reality, creating a cozy spot where you can unwind and enjoy nature's beauty.

Thinking of gifting this voucher to a family member or friend? We'd love to keep track of your generosity! Simply let us know when you share the joy of Easter with someone special, and we'll ensure they receive the same exceptional service and attention to detail.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to bring the spirit of Easter into your garden. Let's make this season a celebration of growth, renewal, and blooming possibilities!



Expert design work with additional landscaping service discount by Green Art Design. 

The voucher can be redeemed to cover a full design of a plant-zone in size as specified on the voucher, or  it can be used as a discount against a full garden design service, in the amount as specified on your voucher.

Option 1: Plant Zone Design Service

(fully covered, in the size specified on the voucher)

At Green Art Design, we understand that every garden is unique, and we're here to help you create a lush and vibrant planting zone that reflects your personal style and preferences. Our Plant Zone Design Service offers a comprehensive solution for transforming your outdoor space into a botanical haven. Whether you're looking to add a pop of colour with flowering plants or create a tranquil retreat with lush greenery, our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

  • Initial Consultation:  During the initial consultation, our dedicated team of experts engages in an in-depth discussion with you. This discussion is not just about detailed measurements; but also, it's about understanding your vision, your goals, and your expectations for the project. We believe that the foundation of any successful project lies in a comprehensive understanding of your desires and requirements. This consultation phase serves as the cornerstone of our collaboration.

  • Plant Selection Board: Our team will present you with a curated selection of plants tailored to your preferences and the specific requirements of your garden. This board will showcase various plant species, highlighting their features, colours, and suitability for your planting zone.

  • Plant Arrangement Visualisation: Using advanced design tools, we'll create a visual representation of how the selected plants will be arranged within your garden. This visualisation allows you to see the proposed layout and get a glimpse of how your garden will look once the plants are in place.

  • Plant Schedule: You'll receive a detailed plant schedule outlining the types and quantities of plants required for your design, along with specifications such as size, spacing, and planting instructions. These notes ensure that the planting process is carried out smoothly and efficiently.

  • Expert Technical Design: Our team will prepare a comprehensive technical design plan, including detailed drawings and specifications to guide the implementation of your plant zone design. From soil preparation to plant placement, we'll ensure that every aspect is carefully planned to achieve the desired results.

  • Curated Maintenance Advice: Our experts will provide you with personalised maintenance advice tailored to the plants chosen for your garden. This includes guidance on watering, fertilizing, pruning, and any other care requirements to help your plants thrive long after the design process is complete.​​

Option 2: Discount for Full Garden Design Service - RIBA stages 1 - 4

(discounted by the amount specified on the voucher)

With our Full Garden Design Service, you can transform your garden into a stunning retreat that enhances your lifestyle and complements your home. From the initial consultation to the final design presentation, our team of experts is committed to providing professional guidance and personalized attention every step of the way. Whether you're seeking a complete garden overhaul or looking to enhance specific areas, we're here to bring your vision to life.

[1] Client Consultations

  • Initial Consultation: During the initial consultation, our dedicated team of experts engages in an in-depth discussion with you. This discussion is not just about detailed measurements; but also, it's about understanding your vision, your goals, and your expectations for the project. We believe that the foundation of any successful project lies in a comprehensive understanding of your desires and requirements. This consultation phase serves as the cornerstone of our collaboration.


  • Mid-Project Review: As the project progresses, we value your input and collaboration. Around halfway through the project, we arrange a Mid Project review. This is an opportunity for us to present our ideas and concepts to you. We'll discuss the evolving design direction and seek your feedback. We believe that your active involvement in shaping the project is crucial, and this review ensures that we remain on the same page and can make any necessary adjustments based on your insights and preferences.


  • Final Design Presentation: At the final stage of our design journey, we present the complete design to you. This is an exciting moment where we unveil the vision we've crafted based on our initial discussions and the feedback provided during the Mid Project Review. We walk you through the design, explaining every detail and concept. Your satisfaction is paramount, so we encourage open and constructive dialogue during this phase. If any adjustments or refinements are needed, we address them collaboratively.  


[2] Deliverables


  • Project Brief: It serves as a comprehensive guide that encapsulates the essence of our collaboration. Drawing insights from our initial consultation, this meticulously crafted document outlines the project's objectives, constraints, and key milestones. It's not just about setting expectations; it's about providing a clear framework that guides us through the journey, ensuring that every decision aligns with your vision and goals.

  • Opportunity & Constraints Plan: Your garden is unique, with its own set of opportunities and challenges waiting to be explored. Our Opportunity & Constraints Plan is our guide for navigating these intricacies, allowing us to capitalize on the space's potential while addressing any limitations. By identifying these factors upfront, we can tailor the design to suit your specific needs and aspirations, ensuring that every aspect of the garden reflects your personality and lifestyle.

  • Concept (core idea of the project):  Every great design begins with a compelling concept—a guiding principle that shapes every decision and element within the garden. Our Concept document isn't just a summary of ideas; it's a visual manifesto that encapsulates the essence of your vision. By distilling complex concepts into a cohesive narrative, we create a foundation that informs every aspect of the design process, ensuring consistency and clarity from start to finish.


  • Zone & Circulation Diagram: Effective spatial planning is the cornerstone of a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden. Our Zone & Circulation Diagram is more than just a layout; it's a strategic blueprint that defines different areas within the garden and establishes clear pathways for movement and interaction. By carefully delineating these zones and circulation patterns, we create a seamless flow that enhances usability and maximises the potential of your outdoor space.

  • Mood Board (Materials, form, texture, colour, plants, style): A curated collage that captures the essence of the design aesthetic, from the choice of materials and textures to the selection of plants and colours. By immersing you in this visual tapestry, we invite you to explore different possibilities and inspirations, ensuring that the final design resonates with your unique taste and preferences.


  • Masterplan: Crafting a garden that fulfills your vision requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Our Masterplan is a testament to that commitment, offering a scaled illustration of the entire garden layout. From the placement of key features to the integration of functional elements, every aspect is carefully considered to create a cohesive and harmonious design that reflects your lifestyle and aspirations.

  • Initial Project budget allocation: Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach to project management. That's why we provide a detailed breakdown of the initial project budget allocation, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the financial considerations from the outset. By setting realistic expectations and aligning our decisions with your budgetary constraints, we ensure a smooth and stress-free journey from concept to completion.

  • Visualisations – selection of digitally rendered images of 3D CAD model: Visualising the final outcome is an essential part of the design process, and our selection of digitally rendered images offers a glimpse into the future of your garden. Using advanced 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models, we create realistic renderings that bring the design to life, allowing you to visualize every detail with clarity and precision. Whether it's exploring different perspectives or evaluating material choices, these images serve as a valuable tool for decision-making and refinement.


  • Plant schedule and Specification Notes: At the heart of every beautiful garden lies a well-curated selection of plants. Our Plant Schedule and Specification Notes provide detailed information on the chosen species, including their characteristics, care requirements, and placement within the design. By selecting plants that thrive in your specific climate and soil conditions, we ensure a vibrant and sustainable garden that brings joy year-round.

  • Illustrative sections: These sections offer further insight into the design, providing clarity on key elements and spatial relationships. Whether it's understanding the elevation of a feature or visualizing the flow of movement within the garden, these illustrative sections enhance your understanding and appreciation of the proposed design, ensuring that every aspect is thoughtfully considered and executed to perfection.

  • Technical design: Behind every beautiful garden lies a robust technical foundation. Our technical design encompasses detailed drawings and specifications that address the practical aspects of implementation, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with industry standards. Every detail is meticulously planned and executed to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your garden.

  • (Add-on) Outdoor lighting arrangement plan: Elevating the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor space, our outdoor lighting arrangement plan outlines the strategic placement of lighting fixtures to create a captivating nighttime environment. From highlighting architectural features to illuminating pathways, these carefully curated lighting solutions enhance safety, security, and aesthetics, ensuring that your garden remains a welcoming sanctuary long after the sun sets.

  • (Add-on) Outdoor lighting Visualisation: Visual representations of the proposed lighting scheme offer a glimpse into the transformative power of outdoor lighting. By simulating different lighting scenarios, these visualisations allow you to envision the atmosphere and mood of your garden at night, helping you make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.

  • (Add-on) Automatic irrigation system - technical design: Ensuring optimal water management is essential to the health and vitality of your garden. Our technical design for an automatic irrigation system provides a tailored solution that delivers precise watering to each plant, minimizing water waste and maximizing efficiency. With an emphasis on sustainability and conservation, this optional feature ensures that your garden remains lush and vibrant with minimal effort on your part.

  • Curated Maintenance Advice: Our commitment to your garden doesn't end with the design phase—we're dedicated to ensuring its long-term health and vitality. That's why we provide tailored maintenance advice to help you care for your garden once the design is implemented. From watering schedules to pruning techniques, our experts offer practical guidance to keep your outdoor oasis thriving throughout the seasons. By empowering you with the knowledge and tools needed for success, we ensure that your garden remains a source of joy and beauty for years to come.


Further Details for the additional landscaping service discount (RIBA STAGES 5 - 7):

The additional landscaping service discount is exclusively applicable to services provided by Green Art Design and cannot be utilised as a discount for work conducted by any other contractor or landscaper. This discount will be applied to the final invoice issued by Green Art LTD. It is important to note that the total discount cannot exceed 10% of the total value of the landscaping service. Furthermore, this discount is solely valid for the practical implementation of the design created in conjunction with this voucher by Green Art LTD and cannot be utilized for any other design, whether by other contractors or Green Art Design.

Terms and Conditions for Garden Design Service Voucher

Terms and Conditions for Garden Design Service Voucher


1. Scope and Limitations


1.1 This voucher is valid for a total of  working hours specified on the voucher, further design development, exceeding the hour limit given on the voucher,, will be billed separately at a rate of £100.00 plus VAT per hour.


1.3 The additional landscaping service discount, is exclusively applicable to services provided by Green Art LTD and cannot be utilised as a discount for work conducted by any other contractor or landscaper. This discount will be applied to the final invoice issued by Green Art LTD. It is important to note that the total discount cannot exceed 10% of the total value of the landscaping service. Furthermore, this discount is solely valid for the full practical implementation (plants, material and labour) of the design created in conjunction with this voucher by Green Art LTD and cannot be utilized for any other design, whether by other contractors or Green Art LTD.


2. Service Fulfilment


2.1 The deliverables and consultations outlined in this voucher may not be fully fulfilled if the hour allocation given on the voucher is exhausted.


3. Refund Policy


3.1 Please be advised that refunds will not be issued for the voucher should you choose not to proceed with the project after consultation and design initiation.


4. Copyright and Intellectual Property


4.1 While you may retain all drawings prepared under this voucher, it is essential to understand that these materials remain protected by copyrights and intellectual property laws. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use for purposes other than the specified project is strictly prohibited.


5. Scheduling and Availability


5.1 Design consultations and project scheduling are subject to availability. It is advisable to book consultations well in advance to secure your preferred dates.


6. Design Service Project Commencement


6.1 The design service project will commence upon mutual agreement between the client and Green Art LTD. A timeline for the design service project will be established after the initial consultation.


7. Site Access


7.1 You are responsible for providing safe and unobstructed access to the project site for the design team.


8. Client Input


8.1 Client input, including preferences, requirements, and any specific design elements, should be communicated clearly during the consultation process to ensure accurate project development.


9. Design Service Project Changes


9.1 Any requested changes to the design service project scope or design must be communicated promptly and may result in adjustments to the project timeline and cost.


10. Client Responsibilities


10.1 You are responsible for informing us and obtaining any necessary permits or approvals required for the practical implementation of the design service project, should you wish to proceed, including but not limited to planning permissions, building permits, or environmental assessments.


11. Payment and Invoicing


11.1 Payment for additional design hours beyond the voucher limit and for any landscaping services provided by Green Art LTD shall be made in accordance with the payment terms specified in the invoices.


12. Dispute Resolution


12.1 In the event of any disputes or disagreements related to the design service project or voucher, both parties agree to engage in good faith negotiations to resolve the issue.


13. Termination


13.1 Either party may terminate the design project or voucher by providing written notice, however, any payments, such as deposit payment, made prior to termination, are non refundable.


14. Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas


14.1 If your property is a listed building or located within a conservation area, you are responsible for informing us and obtaining any necessary permissions, consents, or approvals required for the practical implementation of the proposed garden design, should you wish to proceed.


14.2 Green Art LTD will work in accordance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the relevant authorities governing listed buildings and conservation areas. However, it is your responsibility to provide all relevant documentation and information related to these design restrictions.


14.3 Any design elements or alterations that may impact the exterior appearance of a listed building or conservation area will be subject to review and approval by the appropriate authorities. Green Art LTD will assist in this process, but additional time and costs may be incurred.


14.4 In the event that your proposed garden design is denied approval due to restrictions imposed by listed building or conservation area regulations, Green Art LTD shall not be held responsible, and the project may be subject to alterations or cancellation.


15. Topographical Survey


15.1 To ensure the highest level of accuracy in the garden design process, it is highly recommended that you provide Green Art LTD with a topographical survey of the project site. This survey should include detailed information about the existing landscape, including elevation, contours, and other relevant data.


15.2 In the event that you do not provide a topographical survey, Green Art LTD will make every effort to prepare accurate design plans based on available information. However, without a topographical survey, there may be limitations in the precision of the design.


15.3 Green Art LTD shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in the design resulting from the absence of a topographical survey provided by you.


16. Definitions


16.1 "Working Hours": Refers to the total hours allocated to the garden design process under this voucher, which is limited to working hours specified on your voucher

16.2 "Design Area": The design area pertains to the specific portion of your garden or property that will be the subject of the design work. 


16.3. "Additional Design Work": Any design work required beyond the working hours specified on your voucher, or outside the designated design area, including additional design iterations or changes, will be considered additional design work.


16.4. "Landscaping Service Discount": This refers to the discount of amount specified on your voucher that can be applied to the practical implementation of the garden design by Green Art LTD. This discount can only be applied, if the Green Art LTD provides all material, plants and labour. 

17.  Marketing and Promotion

17.1 By agreeing to proceed with the design, you grant your permission  for Green Art LTD, to take photographs of the completed garden. These photographs may be used for marketing and promotional purposes, including but not limited to our website, social media channels, print materials, and portfolio presentations.

Photographs will be taken after the completion of the garden design and installation. Additionally, we reserve the right to capture subsequent photographs one to three years later to document the maturation of the planting and the garden's evolving appearance.

We assure you that any photographs used for marketing purposes will not disclose any confidential details or reference the specific location of the property without your explicit consent. Our intention is to showcase the quality of our work and the transformative impact of our landscape designs while respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

If you have any concerns or objections regarding the use of photographs for marketing purposes, please notify us in writing prior to the commencement of the project. Your satisfaction and privacy are of utmost importance to us, and we will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

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