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Immortal ART – indoor green wall


Everyone knows that a good vertical garden can change your bland and common wall that clashes with the design

of your garden into a work of art, ready to charm your guests and loved ones with its colourful flowers and strong green vines.

However, if you feel like nature should thrive even indoors, consider ordering one of our products from Immortal Art series, a beautiful installation covered in freshly green moss. This great alternative 

to household plants can look beautiful as a painting on your wall, bringing its calming green colours and noise dampening properties with it, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom or dining room.

Products from this series are versatile and can fit practically anywhere in your house, from kitchens to bathrooms and bedrooms without taking anything away from the size of the room itself.

The products itself are made of Stabilised Moss, which is identical

to the real fresh forest moss that underwent stabilisation process, meaning that the water within the plant has been replaced with

a mixture of glycerine and few other natural preserves.

As a result, the moss maintains its freshness, colour and structure

for many years in its perfect environment of 40%-50% humidity.

By purchasing our product from the Immortal Art series you can expect the following benefits:

•  SOUND DAMPENING:  Moss naturally absorbs sound and thus improves the quiet atmosphere of the room, making it a must-have

in a busy noisy space.

•  WELL BEING: As many studies show, living and working in a green environment has a positive effect on the on the well-being, as the plants may offers relaxation and reduction in stress, making Immortal Art perfect for your work office or meditation room.

•  SOCIAL COHESION: Stabilised Moss creates a green peaceful environment that can increase the overall quality of the room. Studies have shown that greener areas suffer less vandalism

due to lower aggression in presence of this calming colour,

making it perfect for meetings.

•  ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Even if you are a person that tends to stay away from plants in fear of ever-present allergies, you do not need

to have such concerns when it comes to Immortal Art,

which doesn’t hoard or emit any dust or spores and

doesn’t attract any insects.

•  MAINTENANCE-FREE: This moss doesn’t require any attention, light or water, so it is completely maintenance-free and perfect

for any forgetful or absent-minded person.


However, if the following list of benefits still doesn’t convince you to purchase Immortal Art , consider another innovation in form

of Stabilised Plants. instead of houseplants. Those frozen in time flowers which underwent the same stabilisation process as moss did, require no attention, light or water, while always maintaining freshness and beauty for many years.

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